Lost Track Atlantic is the Best Surf Trip We’ve Never Been On

It’s hard to see other people living your dream—but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from hitting play on the latest installment of Lost Track Atlantic.

Episode 2 of the four-part series from surfer Torren Martyn, filmmaker Ishka Folkwell and needessentials has just dropped, and the sheer amount of mind-bending waves and cultural exploration will have your green-eyed monster rearing its ugly head again.

When we last left the pair, they were chipping away at their itinerary taking them from the freezing north Atlantic to the tropical, equatorial coast of West Africa. Episode 2 is more of the same top-quality surf filmmaking we’ve come to expect from the duo (special mention to the incredible soundtrack courtesy of Tuareg musicians Imarhan and Tinariwen, Warren Ellis, and Lennox-based collective Headland), and if you’re still reading this and haven’t flicked the switch on the video above… why are you still reading this? Go watch the thing.

Courtesy of needessentials

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