Lockdown 2.0 Drinktivities

We’re still at it and there’s no end in sight.

You’re only allowed to leave the house for essential goods and services (food and booze) or to exercise in groups of no more than two. Otherwise, it’s full-on lockdown lifestyle. Personally, I’m still working in the outside world at an essential bottle shop, but my days off feel like deja vu. I don’t know about you, but I’ve kind of forgotten what to do inside my apartment besides eat everything in the fridge and anxiously check the news. All jokes aside, shit is feeling real, so check in on your friends and look after yourselves. In the meantime, to keep things interesting here’s a list of things to do and drink.

A socially distanced walk with a concealed beverage

 A reminder (because it seems as though a lot of people are suffering short term memory loss): sitting in the park with mates is not ok—but a brisk walk is perfectly legitimate. Spice up a lap around the block with one (1) friend by taking a keep-cup containing a cheeky gin and soda with lemon, no ice. The sound of the cubes clinking will give you away if anyone dares to come closer than 1.5m into your personal space, and also takes up valuable gin capacity.

Board games/puzzles and cocktails from bars that are doing takeaway

For those of you who live with housemates or lovers (gross, but good for you), why not test the limits of your relationship/s with a never-ending game of Monopoly? Or, if you didn’t get around to finishing the 10,000-piece jigsaw puzzle you started during the last lockdown, do that. Bear in mind, these activities are infinitely more interesting with hard liquor. When you ‘go and get the dictionary’ during a heated game of Scrabble, why not also get some cocktails from some of our favourite Sydney bars currently doing takeaway: Continental Deli via Bopple or pick-up, Earl’s Juke Joint via P&V / DRNKS and Built to Spill, PS40, Maybe Sammy, or Dulcies.

Cooking and wine

Cooking at home is very much back on the cards. Whether you’re baking bread, roasting a chicken, hand-making noodles, whipping up a feast for your household or making enough pasta sauce to last the winter, it’s always nicer to stir a pot with a drink in your hand. Make it feel like you’re the main character of a French art-house film by perching moodily on the kitchen counter while the sauce simmers, sipping elegantly on a glass of red wine from that goon bag that I convinced you to buy last week.

House plant maintenance with boozy seltzer

Having something alive to tend to and care for, especially during grim lockdown times, can be a nice way to feel like you’re not alone. A quick and essential visit to a nursery followed by an afternoon spent nurturing plants in the winter sun is best paired with boozy seltzer, I think. There is something deeply enjoyable about the combination of foliage, damp earth and a tin of fruity fizzy booze water. Put on some music and let your green-thumbed afternoon evolve into a joyful living room dance party with your new friends the plants.

Face masks (the other kind) and fizzy wine

Wearing a ‘fitted face covering’ for forty-ish hours a week—plus frequent hand washing and sanitising—does not make skin happy. My advice? Get out the liquid mask and pop something fizzy. Champers, pet nat, whatever, the bubbles will make you feel good, it’s science. In fact, I just stopped writing this to walk to the shops to buy a bottle of champagne and cover my face with expensive clay. It’s called self-care. Listen to a podcast, read a book, watch something light and fluffy, do some watercolours. If you have a bath, add that to the equation for literal bliss.

Movie night and your choice of spirits mixed with Maccas post-mix

Load up every Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter movie, make some microwave popcorn, grab that bottle of last-resort vodka/bourbon, order some McNuggets, a heap of post-mix soda, and lean into it. I swear I never did this as a teenager (what’s the statute of limitations on this kind of thing?) but there’s just something about bad liquor and post-mix. We can’t go to the movies but we can drift off into the fantasy worlds of Mordor or Hogwarts with questionable beverages. It’s delicious, it’s fun, it’s something.

Home hair dye job and beers

I’ve already seen countless people breaking out the bleach and I’m pretty close to giving myself a bright red streak a la Sporty Spice, but considering the carnage from the last attempt at a solo home dye job, I probably won’t. That said, every backyard hair salon should have beers. Bleach burns and beer is cool and refreshing and will distract you from the pain, and if you’re holding a tin you might not touch your head. Also, if you have enough of them, you’ll probably like the way your hair looks—don’t forget the toner.

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