A Local’s Perspective with Felicity Palmateer

Welcome to the first episode of A Local’s Perspective, our new five-part series where we team up with five environmentally-minded Australians to put our precious coastline under the microscope.

Surfer and artist Felicity Palmateer spends a decent chunk of her time submerged in the Indian Ocean, and knows only too well the adverse effects micro and single-use plastic are having on Western Australia’s beaches. Huh? What’s that I hear you say? Australia has the cleanest beaches in the world? Bah bow! Wrong. It’s time to wake up and smell the petroleum kicking down the backdoor, buddy. Australia’s beaches might look postcard perfect, but there’s actually a shit ton of micro and single-use plastic littered along our pristine shorelines.

While we should all be making a conscious effort to avoid single-use plastic (coffee cups, plastic bags, single-use straws) on a daily basis, sometimes we need the rude shock of seeing the problem first-hand, to kick our arses into gear. An active conservationist and Surfaid ambassador, Flick is no stranger to partaking in beach cleanups and picking up other people’s filth, and she encourages all Australians to do the same—you’ll be unpleasantly surprised with what you find lurking in the nearest saltbush.

If you want to be apart of the fight against single-use plastic, head along to your nearest Corona x Parley beach cleanup and get up to speed with the Parley AIR (Avoid, Intercept, Redesign) strategy. If the ocean dies, so do we, so it’s time we all did our part.

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