Live Music Returns to Newtown!

We love to be the bearer of good news—live music’s on its way back in Sydney!

We just caught wind that Young Henrys and Waywards (ie. Newtown institution, The Bank Hotel) are hosting a five-week run of gigs, and we wanna give you the heads up so you can nab some tickets before they run out. Best Served Loud will run for five weeks from Friday, October 23, and tickets will put you back just $10, with all proceeds going towards Support Act, Australia’s only charity delivering crisis relief services to artists, crew and music workers who have had their ability to work impacted. These gigs will be the very first live shows at Waywards since everything went tits up at the start of 2020, and will support local musos who’ve been chomping at the bit to get back up on the stage all throughout COVID.

Totally Unicorn

Let’s get to who’s on the bill then: first up will be The Dead Love supported by Eat Your Heart Out; week two features ILUKA supported by Sydney duo Salarymen; Charlie Collins will headline week three supported by Ruben Neeson; fourth we have CITIZEN KAY supported by Ms Thandi; and week five will be Totally Unicorn joined by Good Pash.

Tickets for each gig will be available three weeks ahead of that particular show, so keep your eyes peeled on Waywards for more info and to buy tickets.

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