Listen to Sydney Musician Leroy Francis’ Intoxicating New Release

Hurling through the gates of mid-May is noteworthy new EP, S.O.R.E., from Sydney musician Leroy Francis.

The young artist first came to my attention earlier this year, when he took to the stage as Sloane Peterson’s support at her Enmore Theatre show. A talent in his own right, Francis has pulled together a bunch of tracks that will be your new companion for afternoons spent by the campfire or the replacement for that warm, dreamy hug we all yearn for from time to time.

“S.O.R.E stands for Songs On Repeat Everyday, as well as how many injuries I sustained during the recording and release of this EP,” Leroy explains. “I crushed my hand, breaking three bones, two ribs, fractured my sternum, suffered two concussions (filming a clip), dislocated shoulder and was bitten by a rabid dog in Sri Lanka. They’ll bloody get ya and it will cost you too.”

Guitar jangles accompany Francis’ exploration of inner consciousness, signalling a newcomer sure to garner a well-deserved following in the not too distant future. Jump on the bandwagon early with us.

Leroy Francis has given us the keys to S.O.R.E for a first listen, so hit play below and stay tuned for show dates coming soon.

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