Photo by Xan Thorrhoea

Listen: Methyl Ethel’s Neon Cheap Inspiration

Methyl Ethel never misses.

You ever heard a bad Methyl Ethel song? Neither. And our lofty expectations have been reaffirmed with their new release “Neon Cheap”, a track that’s been described as ‘Talking Heads by way of ELO with a dash of nu rave’, which sounds pretty good to us. The band’s centrepiece, Jake Webb, once again flexes his songwriting prowess and we ask, no, implore you to hit play on the new visual below—you’re gonna love it.

So, how does Webb come up with a track like “Neon Cheap”, morphing samples from an Italian folk into an eccentric alt-pop earworm? With the help of 10 songs, in particular, from musicians like Phillip Glass, Tak Shindo, Brian Eno, and more. Webb was kind enough to send us over a playlist featuring his eclectic mix of influences, and you can zone out to it right now.

Listen to Methyl Ethel: Neon Cheap Inspiration here

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