Life After a Great White Shark Attack

Five years ago, Brett Connellan was attacked by a Great White at Bombo Beach on the South Coast.

He lost three-quarters of his thigh that day, with many operations to follow; including one that involved taking muscle from his lats and sticking it to his thigh. The new film Pyrophytic traces Brett’s life before and after the attack, from his pursuit of a professional career in surfing to figuring out life in the aftermath of a life-threatening injury.


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While Pyrophytic details the attack, it’s not really the point of the film. It’s not about shark politics either. Instead, it’s about getting through life when something shit happens to you, even when that shit something takes away the only thing you really wanted to do in life. Sam Tolhurst, the filmmaker behind Pyrophytic, wanted to show people that sometimes a life-changing event can be the catalyst for becoming a better human. Brett now helps counsel people struggling with mental health, and uses his story of recovery as a model human spirit, and he’s fucking ripping again too. Pyrophytic is due for release sometime in 2022, but for now, here’s the trailer for a little inspo.

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