Letty Mortensen Gets Riddled

When someone says the word ‘riddled’, it’s generally not conducive to something very pleasant.

But Letty Mortensen apparently didn’t get that memo. Either that, or he is a flaming anarchist with a blatant disregard for society’s literary expectations. Regardless, his new part is Riddled with only the nicest of things: sharp turns, loose fin-ditches and lofty rotes. Ain’t nothing quite as refreshing as variety. Except maybe a few drinks on a Friday afternoon, which could actually go quite well to that track playing in the background. So not only does this apply to pre-surfs, it also applies to pre-drinks.The ol’ two birds with one stone. Bravo, Lliam. Let’s see what he had to say for himself.

Yo, Letty! What are you doing?

Just with the boys having some sushi.

You still in Byron?

Nah I got the fuck out of there. I missed you up there man.

Haha you guys really sent it up there didn’t you. Quick three-day blowout?

Five days. We had that punt comp at Newcastle and then I went straight up to Byron after that.

Alright, so I should probably ask you about this clip. What’s the go? Locations, people, punts, blowouts? 

I wish there were blowouts in it. The clip was shot around the last six months or so and in it there are some waves from France, West Oz, South Coast, North Coast and some stuff from home too. Most of it was all solo, I just wanted to try to go and shoot and get a solid part together. I surfed with you on some of the stuff and then up north with Benny Howard.

Did you get in any fights? Trying to get sets at waves a few thousand clicks from your local can sometimes not end well.

(Laughs) Nah, I didn’t.

You’re a lover.

You know it. There are probably times when someone thinks I’m a fuckwit, but I try to stay pretty cruisy in the water.

And what’s next?

Hard to say! Usually I would be away this time of year, but now we’re obviously not going anywhere global. I’ll probably just try chasing some waves along the east coast and hopefully hitting West Oz when that opens up.

When’s that opening up?

I dunno, do you know?

I dunno.

Ah well, whenever it does I’m going to go there. I really want to try better my surfing in better waves and land bigger shit. Both of which I feel like WA is pretty conducive to.

Yeah, totally. Jumping back on the Q when the pearly gates of Sydney International Terminal open back up?

Fuck man, I’m not sure. Like I mentioned earlier, I set out some things I wanted to achieve and get done at the start of the year and I still haven’t done those yet and wouldn’t want to get back on the QS until I feel like my surfing is there.

So just keep going to Byron and blowing out until then?

Yeah pretty much. Nah, I want to try to get out and shoot and put out parts which I’m super proud of.

Sick, I’m hearing ya. Solid parts are so hot right now. Speaking of, you just dropped one and it’s what this whole thing was meant to be about. Any final words?

I’m not too sure, I guess putting this thing out I just wanted to put a fruity tune to it and have it not be too long or too short. Just something nice and fun that hopefully gets people psyched to go surf.

That’s it, thanks Lliam.

Thanks, Krups.

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