Let’s All Get High… Stab High

We’re not usually concerned with the competitive arena, but we are interested in hi-fi surfing from some of the best in the world.

Stab High is rolling into its second year as the world’s most fun and easy to consume surf comp, with no college graduate commentators, no heat analysis or ‘exciting’ paddle battles, and no 89’ world champs telling you they were the 89’ world champ. This year includes a $25k purse for the Stab High winner and $20k for the biggest air.

Each surfer in the 2019 Stab High competition will ride four lefts and four rights in each heat, and they’ll be assigned a single score (no decimals) for each wave, and a zero for a non-make. There are no heat score averages: all judges’ scores are added together for a total out of 50 for the left and 50 for the right, totalling 100 (you keeping up?).

This means that in the early qualifying rounds the surfers in the water aren’t directly competing with each other; they’re competing against the entire field and trying to get the highest possible score out of 100.

I had a few questions for our salted friends at Stab. Who the fuck is in it? Who is judging? What are the rules? When is it on (AEST)? And can I bet on it? Here’s what I found out.


Apart from the obvious distractions (punters watching intently from the side of the pool), judging criteria outlaws ‘touching, splashing, or throwing a beer can at another surfer directly before or during a competitor’s wave.’ This will be deemed a physical altercation and the offending surfers second highest score is stripped while the other surfer is allowed a re-do.


Noa Deane , Chippa Wilson, Eli Hanneman, Nathan Florence, Harry Bryant, Eithan Osborne, Eric Geiselman, Mason Ho, Jett Schilling, Tanner Gudauskas, Kevin Schulz, Ian Crane, Balaram Stack, Parker Coffin, Matt Meola, Noah Wegrich, Kael Walsh, Leon Glatzer, Shane Borland, Kalani David, Curren Caples, Shaun Manners. + 2 Mystery Surfers.


Sierra Kerr, Sky Brown, Bella Kenworthy, Caitlin Simmers.


Albee Layer, Brett Simpson, Aaron ‘Gorkin’ Cormican, Shea Lopez, Michael Ciaramella (Head Judge), mystery judge??


The 2019 Stab High competition goes for approx. 5-hours. It begins at 2:30 pm CST which is 5:30 am AEST. The live stream will sting you $14.99 USD, but hey, it’s better than watching a surf comp that goes for seven days with no guaranteed entertainment, buy now. Entertainment guaranteed. Get your livestream pass or tickets to the pool right here: stabhigh.com

Bets Are On

Search all good gambling outlets for the odds, which will likely be up today or tomorrow. Also, gamble responsibly. I’m going with Chippa for the win, Harry Bryant for the biggest air. All the best, punters.

And Finally—Meet the Commentary Team

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