Leonardo DiCaprio Narrates New Netflix Doc ‘Whose Vote Counts’

Have you ever taken the time to try and understand how the American electoral system actually works?

It’s an absolute shit show, and certainly not something we’d ever try to dumb down in this quick post. But as murky as the whole process is, it’s important that everyday citizens try to get a handle on it—perhaps now, more than ever.

Thankfully, Netflix and Vox have done the untangling for you with Whose Vote Counts, Explained, a new documentary coming to Netflix on Monday, 28th of September (US time) and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, John Legend and Selena Gomez. The documentary takes a deeper dive into the election structures that exist to explain voter suppression (see also, Trump’s war on mailboxes), voter fraud, the electoral college, gerrymandering, and how the system lays itself open for big corps and shadowy influences to sway outcomes. The more you know, right?

While probably tempting to draw the blinds, get a bag of Maltesers and watch My Octopus Teacher on a neverending loop until the election is over, it’s time that every person heading to the ballot box knows how their vote is getting counted. So check it out when it drops on Netflix tomorrow and remember—vote the assholes out!

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