***Trust*** in San Francisco

ADRIANAll Photos and Captions By Josh Wilson

A couple weeks back, Bronze 56K dropped their latest release,***TRUST***, and it threw the internet into a tizzy. Josh Wilson has the first part of the film. Turns out Josh Wilson also has more than just one talent. On a recent trip to San Francisco for the premiere of ***TRUST***, Josh brought along his camera to capture life on the road with skaters Paul Young, Dick Rizzo, Zach Bonime, Nick Ferrogari, Adrian Vega, Justin Ching and Brendan Carroll.


Brendan Carroll, Oakland

Brendan has been living in Oakland for a couple months since the weather is cold out east; it was tight to catch up with him at a new Oakland schoolyard.



Chachi and Zach, The Mission

A portrait of Chachi and Zach before getting some food in The Mission.



Creepy Dolls

These dolls seemed to have made a new home amongst the cobwebs and barbwire.



Dick Rizzo, Lounging

The lighting was too perfect on this tennis court to pass this portrait up.




Dick Rizzo, Boardslide

Straight out of the car, Dick was sliding this whole ledge with ease.



Fort Miley

Another breathtaking view from Fort Miley overlooking the ocean.



Justin Ching, Oakland

Justin is the man! He knows San Fran like the back of his hand. It was awesome to have someone with so much knowledge showing us around an unfamiliar city.



Nick Ferrogari, After bombing a hill

Caught Nick as he was walking up the hill after taking the whole thing.



Nick Ferrogari, Ollie

Nick ollies on a steep bank at a muni station.



Nick Ferrogari, Wallride Foot Plant

I had never seen this trick done before until Nick broke it out. He did it so easily as if he was simply doing a regular wallride.



Paul Young, Pier 7

Life long dreams being fulfilled at this legendary skate spot. Shoutout to Rob Welsh.



Paul Young, Grazing at Fort Miley

Paul takes a break from filming with the dinosaur of a camera on the ground to check how his Instagram post is faring.



Zach Bonime, Fort Miley

Zach rewarding himself after getting a clip.



Zach Bonime, Philz Coffee

We stopped randomly for everyone to go to the bathroom and I caught Zach with his precious Philz Coffee.

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