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So everyone these days wants to be a photographer, shoot film, shoot girls and make money out of it. God, it does sound good when you put it like that. Anyway, Nat Lanyon has somehow done all of the above and is currently working on a book, which consists of, you guessed it! Girls! Nat is working on the project with Chloe Dunlop from American label, She Made Me. Now, over to Nat to fill us in on a little more of the details (girls).

People tell us all the time that ‘Print is Dead’ and we’re stupid enough to carry on, why make a book?

Well I think that everyone likes to be able to give value to things & with the accessibility of everything on the internet, sometimes shit becomes diluted/lost easily, but with a book as you know, its something you own, its tangible & its something you can share with friends & display in your house. Books also smell really nice, unlike computer screens & I know that it’s always beautiful to see images in Print & to peruse a book outside or in your own space.

And to make life harder again, you shot it all in 35mm?

Yeah, well haha that’s true, we are still in the formative stages of getting everything sorted & arranging layout etc. But yeah I have been shooting a lot of the girls on 35mm film. Which is expensive but fucking good, its a nice change up to just shoot moments & keep things moving rather than lingering over the back of an LCD. As everyone can attest the colours of film are so good too so it made sense to shoot these girls on 35mm.



Tell us a little about the book, who are you making this book with?

I’m making the book with good friend Chloe Dunlop who has created a swim label ‘She Made Me’; it’s all really cool crochet swimwear, very timeless. The Book will be called ‘Sun Escape’; the book is based around a collection of swim pieces that Chloe created this year. Its basically a collection of moments, some clothed, some not, of our beautiful friends & models bathing in the sun. The girls have travelled with us to locations including California, Sri Lanka & Australia. It’s a very summery book & hopefully it makes people yearn for some ocean time and solitude.

How many girls did you shoot for the book? How many said no?

So far we have shot 15 girls & everyone has been so excited about the project. Haha, most girls are excited to work on something like this, it’s a pretty fun project for the girls, not sitting through hours & hours of hair & make up or weird styling concepts, its all just el natural & just enjoying the sunshine.  We still have plenty of time to shoot a few more so follow us on instagram @sun_escape  to keep up with our latest movements.

LANYON20525 (23 of 36)-23

You shoot a lot of different subjects, why are you so good at shooting girls?

Not really sure! I’m a stickler for colour & locations, I know that much. I try to keep to my aesthetic & true to what I like. I really like to shoot with girls that I have worked with before, you build rapport and can push them a little more to get what you want. I always try to cast natural looking girls too for my personal work, because for my own work I don’t like things to be a big production, I like to be able to move quickly and shoot without many hold ups, you often have to deal with all that other jazz on paid campaigns or look books etc. so when its your own time its nice to keep it simple, giving you more time to concrete on lighting & composition without distractions. But yeah I think shooting any medium is great if your working with cool people & your into what your doing. I often look at so many other types of photography & feel inspired, even if it has nothing to do with what I shoot. Sometimes it’s the emotion or colour in a shot that will inspire you even if its just a photo of an apple.

Who put the first camera in your hand?

Fuck, I guess my mum when I was a kid but I didn’t take to it early, she actually has some incredible film slides from New Zealand that she shot when she was young, I remember she would show us the slides every now & again for a bit before the projector overheated haha. I didn’t start shooting until I was around 20ish. I studied HR at Uni because I didn’t know what I wanted to do, finished it, couldn’t get a graduate job, thought fuck it, I don’t really want to be behind a desk all day (although I kinda am, ironically, although I can go eat bagels whenever I want so who cares). Anyways I went out bought a canon 400D Started shooting photos & video of friends surfing & girls that I knew who were good looking but not signed models, just started working at my craft basically.

You can take one final photo before you die? What/who do you shoot?

A wide angle self-timer family & friends portrait, we are all partying on the top of a mountain summit with a ridiculous view, the Who are playing live from below (with reincarnated Keith Moon & John Entwistle) & it’s the summertime so cold beers are on flow.

When is the book available?

We are aiming for a release date of late November of this year, to keep up to date with the books progress hit up @sun_escape on instagram.

Can I have one?

Of course dude, we want it on your coffee table!

When can I have one?

Haha, you impatient bastard soon!

Check out all of his work right here

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