Kieran Tunbridge

monster-children-kieran-tunbridge-10Photography by Kieran Tunbridge
Kieran Tunbridge is responsible for the incredible surf shot that won the student category of this year’s MC Photo Comp. Not only is he a fantastic photographer with a bright future ahead of him, he’s also a good sport for joking with us when we cut and pasted the wrong questions to him for our interview. No, Kieran, you didn’t win 5k from us. Better luck next time, sport.
What are you gonna do with the 5k you won from us?
I won 5k from you? haha.
What was the first photo competition you ever won?
I won a little point and shoot from a local camera store once.
If you could teach young photographers who are just starting out one important lesson, what would it be?
Probably patience. Good things come to those who wait.
What’s the one shot that got away?
There’s been a few, most of them when I have been filming shit instead of shooting!
You have to evacuate and can only grab one camera to bring with you. Which is it?
Ideally my Canon 5D Mark III with my Sigma 50 1.4 art lens.

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