Lens: Anze Osterman

“I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut. To see the world from above. I’m 25 and my astronaut dreams remain dreams. But I’ve found a way to see the world. A way full of interesting people, places and moments. All flowing around me and my camera.”

Anze Osterman

monster-children-anze-osterman-1Rok Podgorelec power sliding one of the highest Slovenian roads.

monster-children-anze-osterman-2Gloomy morning on the alpine glacier lake with my homie Nejc Ferjan.

monster-children-anze-osterman-3On my way to the store to get some food.

monster-children-anze-osterman-4The hands of a skateboarder Luka Bizjak and his message for empty people.

monster-children-anze-osterman-5Who said culture and skateboarding can’t coexist and complement each other?

monster-children-anze-osterman-7Foggy mornings back at home.

monster-children-anze-osterman-9Nejc and Barbara after a cup of super strong dark coffee.

monster-children-anze-osterman-10This photo will haunt me forever. Who is this guy, and who is on the other side of that table?

monster-children-anze-osterman-11Observing the sunrise from the cliffs above the oldest forest in Slovenia.

monster-children-anze-osterman-12Skating the ice on hidden lakes.

monster-children-anze-osterman-13Freedom exists, you know?

monster-children-anze-osterman-14Dope looking shepherd in the Albanian mountains.

monster-children-anze-osterman-15Van life in the Valley of Soca, Slovenia.


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