Layer Up (Or Down) with Burton Multipath

Photography: Gabe L’Heureux

For decades now, Burton has been making good-looking, quality gear for people who spend little to no time sitting on the couch.

And when we say quality, we mean stuff that’s functional, practical and can really take a beating. Burton gave me a backpack in 2013 and, after using it every-damn-day for seven years, it still works. It doesn’t smell as good as it used to (that’s on me), but it still gets my bits and pieces to work every day without any problems. What I’m getting at is Burton make good stuff, and their new Multipath range continues that tradition.

The Multipath collection is a multi-purpose, functional durable clothing line built for the outdoors (you could wear it indoors but you wouldn’t be able to relax). Lab-tested and rider-approved, these versatile layers have all the bells and whistles needed for any outdoor activity, be it camping, skating, hiking, skiing, surfing, throwing axes at trees, making tagliatelle from scratch, chasing racoons, and more. And Burton put the same time, effort and testing into their off-snow products that they do for the winter season, and this collection is loaded with features to keep you happy no matter what you’re up to.

Finally, I’d like to direct your attention to two specific pieces: the Burton Multipath hooded insulated jacket for men, featuring (among other things) low-bulk THERMOLITE® insulation that uses 40% recycled material that traps warm air and boosts moisture evaporation; and the women’s Burton GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ Multipath jacket, featuring GORE-TEX Infinium™, GORE-TEX Paclite®, GORE-TEX DWR and a bunch of other techy stuff that you can find out about by visiting the Burton website.

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