Last 12 With Gigi Midgley

Photos and captions by Gigi Midgley

The world has ended and there are big piles of steaming shit everywhere.

There’s also a lot of rubble and smoke, but mostly there’s shit—hot, black shit. A lone survivor, clad in a silver hazmat suit like you see in post-apocalyptic movies, picks through the shit and debris, searching for any sign of life. Nothing. No life. Just debris. And shit. But then something catches his eye: an undeveloped roll of film, property of one Gigi Midgley. Who is Gigi Midgley? She’s a model and a photographer, or at least she was before the devastating event that reduced civilisation to a smouldering mound of shit. The lone survivor in the silver hazmat suit wipes the shit from the roll and goes straight to the chemist to have it developed. These are the photos he sees when he gets the prints back 24 hours later…

Man set up at Rockaway.

Halloween night out.

On their way to Venice Beach.

Bondi Beach’s finest.

Upstate watering hole.

Mum caught in a special moment. Vietnam.

Posted up, Bondi Beach.

After a long, hard day serving the tourists of Vietnam.

Bike riding in the mountains of Ha Giang, Vietnam.

Nun on her morning commute to work. Harlem.

Girl talk, Hanoi.

Traditional Hmong community in Ha Giang, Vietnam.

‘Last 12 with Gigi Midgley’ was taken from Issue 62 of Monster Children, out now! See more by picking up a copy of the mag here, then go follow Gigi on her Instagram @st_leonne @gigimidgley

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