LAND Return to 1700 Naud With ‘Peace Flags’

LAND are coming back to 1700 Naud!

And they’ll be bringing their incredible new body of work, Peace Flags, with them. Guided by combined personal journeys and shared experiences, Peace Flags signifies the search for new, balanced ways of being through trance-inducing symbols of totality. The exhibition will see the Austin-based design studio experimenting with form, colour, and shape, working together to create a physical expression of the meditative state.

While each piece of work featured in Peace Flags is undoubtedly LAND, the guys have built upon their familiar techniques and branched out into a new realm of colour and material. Using cotton, Tencel, gold leaf, fluorescent gauche, and chain stitch embroidery, the studio are pushing their symbolic work into a new light, and we’re into it.

Peace Flags opens July 26th at 7pm at 1700 Naud, and will be on view July 29th until August 9th, Monday to Friday from 1 – 5 pm. RSVP here

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