Kwame Picks His Favourite Aussie Tracks Right Now

Kwame’s baaaaaack.

One of our favourite breakout talents of the last few years has been laying low for a little while, but he’s just blessed us all with his first solo release of the year—plus, our very own playlist of some of his favourite Aussie music at the moment. And because the always humble Sydney artist didn’t include his new track ‘H I G H E R’ on the playlist, we’re going to put you onto it before you go and blast his playlist.

With his latest release (a sign of more good things to come, you can be sure of that), Kwame is levelling up—it’s a gleaming interpretation of neo-soul, hip hop, and electronica that captures the euphoric feeling of finding that person who you vibe with. Kwame said that it was one of the first songs where he’s ‘just grabbed the mic and punched in the verses and chorus after every 8 bars or so’, which adds to the raw and unfiltered nature of the song.

If we were the kind of people who tamper with other’s playlists, we’d go ahead and add ‘H I G H E R’ to Kwame’s playlist he’s handed over for our Spotify channel, featuring his favourite Aussie tracks from Arno Faraji, Genesis Owusu, Phil Fresh, Kaait, Thandi Phoenix and more… but we’re not, so you’ll have to hit play above.

Listen to Kwame’s favourite Australian tracks right now over on Spotify here. 

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