Kudos for Iggy Pop’s Cockatoo

This might be the best story you read this week.

Iggy Pop’s pet cockatoo, Biggy, has been named Founding Patron of the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital. In a press statement released by Biggy (with some help from Iggy), the gorgeous pink-crested feather-ball explained his reasons for accepting the prestigious distinction:

‘I’m a bird, and a real wild one, and I have many cockatoo cousins in Australia. I was so distressed to hear that 180 million birds died in the catastrophic bushfire crisis that killed over 3 billion native animals over the Australian summer. That really horrified me. I heard about the team of Australian veterinarians building Australia’s largest mobile wildlife hospital and I thought, ‘That is such a brilliant idea.’ So when they asked if I would be their Founding Patron, I thought ‘Yeah, I’d love to connect with my bird sisters and brothers in the magical land of Oz. My dad Iggy has visited Australia many times including to perform at Byron Bay Bluesfest. He told me it’s a really cool place where people care for nature and love music, dancing, art, and creativity. It sounds like my kind of place. I hope to get down there one day with Iggy, when it’s safe for humans to travel again. I’d fly down there now, but my dad would really miss me. For now, I’m going to help spread the word via my Instagram page.’

Iggy became Biggy’s dad twelve years ago when Iggy came across a roadside vendor selling chickens in a remote part of Florida. ‘Biggy, who was very young, was stuffed into a tiny cage alongside some chickens, by the side of the road,’ said Iggy. ‘He seemed to be in peril of a bad future. So we decided to take care of him, responsibly. And we have. He gets and gives a lot of love.’

How adorable are Iggy and Biggy? No bath with the panini press tonight for this guy. Throw some support behind the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital here.

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