King Gizzard Release ‘Infest The Rat’s Nest’ Making-Of Doco

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard are one of Australia’s hardest-working bands.

This year alone they’ve released three live albums for bushfire relief (and raised over $50,000) and put out the movie Chunky Shrapnel—a 96-minute visual extravaganza containing live performances and behind the scenes footage from their recent European tour. And this week the band has another surprise for fans: RATTY.

RATTY is a 27-minute making-of doco, filmed last year during the recording of their fifteenth album, Infest The Rat’s Nest.
Shot and edited by John Angus Stewart and produced by PHC Films, RATTY gives a behind the scenes look at life in the studio and a chaotic insight into the band.

According to Stewart, RATTY is a much more relaxed film than Chunky Shrapnel and comes with plenty of laughs. ‘When it came to editing it, the main thing I thought about was I wanted to do the opposite of Chunky,’ he told NME. ‘Because with Chunky I purposely didn’t really want it to be filled with lots of jokes and gag-y sort of stuff. I wanted it to be more dissonant, and a bit more at arm’s length with the. Whereas with RATTY I wanted to do the opposite and make it really fun and real loose, and not think about it too much and go pure gut. And make something that I thought was fun and that got me charged up. And that’s why I called it RATTY. Because I see it as ratty, I see it as a t-shirt with holes in it.’
All proceeds from the doco will go towards Australians For Native Title and Reconciliation, BlaQ Aboriginal Corporation, DJIRRA, and Indigenous Social Justice Association Melbourne.

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