Keith Haring and Andy Warhol Feature in ‘White | Black’

Artists like Keith Haring and Andy Warhol weren’t exactly known for a moody, strictly monochrome approach to artmaking.

In fact the pair—along with artists Miquel Barceló, Louise Bourgeois, Jean Dubuffet, Jacob El Hanani, Rashid Johnson, Robert Longo, Manolo Millares, Joaquín Torres-García—are renowned for their bold, saturated use of vibrant colours. Aquavella Galleries in NYC have brought together the entire roster of aforementioned artists for the mixed medium exhibition White | Black, to highlight a damn good point—that even when you take away their signature use of colour, the artists’ distinct styles remain instantly recognisable. By showcasing the lineup’s best (and in some cases, rarely seen) monochrome works, it pulls focus away from colour assaults and towards their unique use of line, texture and shadow.

If you’re in and around NYC for the next month or so, make sure you swing by Acquavella Galleries at 18 E 79th St before the exhibition closes on September 28.

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