Karina Rozunko is Making Some Noise

Photos by Daniella Fernandez

Karina Rozunko has been traversing the globe, chasing waves, filming, and generally living a life most people would happily trade for.

During her travels, she’s managed to kick off a side project called Noise: a bag and boardshorts brand that you already know is going to be good. We gave Rini a bell to go over the finer details and find out when and where we can get our butts into some Noise gear.

First up, where are you now and where have you been?
Currently, I’m in Japan. This year I’ve been bouncing around a lot of places, but I’m living  between Bali and California.

Love the board short and bag combo. What made you want to start Noise?
They are items I use every day. I started designing them for myself and people seemed interested, so I ran with it. We have some jewellery and swimwear in the making as well.

Do you do all the designs for the bags and boardshorts?
I design all the bags and my partner, Jimmy Jazz, designs the board shorts. It’s all a collaboration; we’re constantly bouncing ideas off each other.


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Why the name Noise?
I just like it.

Nice. Did collaborating with Vans on a shoe and apparel line help with this project? Are they cool with you going out on your own?
Yeah, it definitely sparked something when I did my first collection with Vans. Seeing my ideas coming to life was exhilarating. I’m not trying to make a huge company. I just want to make items that people like. Hopefully one day we could do a collaboration with Vans.

Is it hard running a business with all the travel you do?
Nothing’s really that hard. I just do it when I feel like it. I don’t have pressure to release anything at a certain time. I don’t have employees.

What else is keeping you busy?
This year I’ve been pretty occupied by the film Jimmy and I are working on with Vans. That has taken up a lot of my creative energy, but in the best way.

Outside of surfing, what makes you happy?
A lot of things make me happy. I love to paint and hang with my dogs when I’m home.

I see a bunch of the bags are sold out—when can we expect to have them back in stock? Or should we be expecting new designs?
At the moment, all the bags just sold out, but we have samples being made right now. I only do limited runs of each design because I want people to have something unique. The shorts are being made as we speak, too. We will have the shop running again by the new year with some new items. I’m really excited about the jewellery coming out, too.

If you emptied out your bag now, what would be in it?
Orange eyeshadow, a point-and-shoot, and some Japanese yen.


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