July’s Best New Music

Sometimes writing introductions to lists feels like I’m penning one of those long personal essays that appear at the beginning of a recipe.

You know the ones where you’re on some mid-western woman’s bake blog and you just want to know how many teaspoons of bi-carb soda you’re supposed to put in the choc chip cookies, but you have to hear all about her first college boyfriend and how she will always think of him when she smells maple syrup? Nobody cares, Bethany. Unless someone reading this does, in which case please reach out to me because I would love nothing more than to reminisce about my high school boyfriend Rob, who I always think of whenever I smell cheap cigarettes. Here are my favourite new songs of the week.

Beyonce – Spirit

Some people think that Beyoncé is too mainstream for them, or that she is overrated. I am not one of those people, but you may be. You know what absolutely no one is, though? No one is above The Lion King. Not only does Queen Bey lend her vocal power to the soundtrack, she’s also the voice behind Nala in the highly anticipated remake of the classic film which opens next week.

Sampa The Great – OMG

We’ve been waiting for Sampa the Great’s debut album since she dropped her mixtape back in 2015, and now we finally have a release date. The Zambia-born, Melbourne-based rapper just announced The Return will be out September 13, featuring this first single, ‘OMG’. Produced by Sanjay De Silva, the accompanying video features her parents and was shot between South Africa and Botswana, where Sampa was raised. Oh Em Gee indeed.

TIMI TEMPLE – Tomorrow is Yesterday

Any old Ben Kweller fans out there? This is a bit of an obscure, long-shot of a reference, but does anyone else feel like this track by Sydney’s TIMI TEMPLE could’ve fit pretty comfortably on Kweller’s iconic album Sha Sha? Either way, it’s a great song by the DIY artist, whose real name is Timothy Lockwood.

High Tension – Veil

Sometimes when I write these lists, I type the first thing I think of when I listen to a new song and then go back to expand on it once the song has ended. In the case of Melbourne four-piece High Tension’s new single, ‘Veil’, I don’t feel the need to expand from my original notes. ‘Like ashes from the fiery pits of hell’ is what I wrote, and though it’s super embarrassing and sounds like an excerpt from a goth 14-year-old’s diary, I stand by it.

Oh Sees – Poisoned Stones

It hasn’t even been a year since Californian band Oh Sees released their last record, Smote Reverser, but they’ve already announced they’ll have a new one out this August. Titled Face Stabber, it will be the 22nd album released by the band, who have gone through a couple of name and lineup changes through the years. Also, this song would make an excellent soundtrack when racing on Rainbow Road in Mario Kart.

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