Julian Klincewicz’s New Range is Inspired by Toy Cars

Does the mention of your bank account after the silly season give you heart murmurs?

Do you keep whipping that little plastic rectangle out and tap, tap, tapping away regardless? Good, then you’ll be interested in hearing about a new apparel range that’ll inspire you to keep the retail therapy rolling along nicely.

Creative allrounder Julian Klincewicz has teamed up with Slam Jam and Vault by Vans for our favourite release so far this year, and it’ll be a real head-scratcher trying to pin down what you want the most (the Bold Ni’s are my pick). Inspired by Klincewicz’s memories of playing with toy cars as a child, the range is a colourful and playful take on the constant motion, speed, imagination, and endless creativity that most of us have left discarded alongside our LEGO sets and Power Rangers.

In terms of footwear, you’ve got three options in the Era, Slip-On and Bold Ni, with colourways including the Era in black with orange laces, the Slip-On in yellow with an image of a race car down the side, and the Bold Ni with a red, purple, black and white mash-up. Apparel includes three tees and a black jacket and pant set, and all you need to do is look at the pictures below to confirm they’re worthy of those hard-earned dollars.

Release your inner child, go shop the range when it drops exclusively on the Slam Jam online store and retail outlets on January 16. 

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