Jordan and The Bulls Docuseries Coming

Even if you don’t follow basketball, you know who Michael Jordan is.

And if your team didn’t have Jordan, you were still a Jordan fan. Everyone was. Every player on the NBA was a fan because Michael Jordan was the greatest basketball player who ever lived. Kareem Abdul-Jabar might not agree, but the stats don’t lie (he’s just salty about being number 3). Jordan was the greatest, and his time with Chicago Bulls was absolute magic. What a time to be a basketball fan. I was a Lakers kid back then but I still thrilled to the weekly Jordan sports report. The dude was supernatural. If you go to his Wikipedia page and measure the side panel ‘Career Highlights and Awards’ you’ll find that it’s three times the length of your penis. That’s how good he was.

On April 19, ESPN is releasing The Last Dance, a 10-part docuseries chronicling Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ epic run that began in 1984. The trailer looks rad. Go, sports. Click play.

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