Jonah Hill Holds Record for Most Swears on Film

In perhaps the most surprising news story of the week, Superbad and The Wolf Of Wall Street actor Jonah Hill has been named the record holder for most profanities uttered on screen.

My pick would have been Samuel L. Jackson, who’s made an art form out of screaming ‘Motherfucker’ throughout his career, but it seems the mild-mannered Hill is king of foul-mouthed on-screen tirades. A recent study by Buzz Bingo found Hill spews the most swear words on film with a whopping 376 curse words across his career so far. He speaks the most swear words in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street, averaging 22.9 blasphemes for every 1,000 words spoken. This film also happens to hold the record for most swear words in a film (715). Poor old Jackson doesn’t even make it to the second spot, with that honour going to Hill’s The Wolf Of Wall Street co-star Leonardo DiCaprio with 361. This one really shocked me as I’ve never associated the Oscar winner with profanity, but it seems Leo is a low-key four-letter word lover. Jackson finally makes it into the list at number three with 301 transgressions, his most ‘sweariest’ role being ‘Ordell’ in Quentin Tarantino’s Jackie Brown (6.9 cusses for every 1,000 words spoken).

Other notable actors to make the top ten include Adam Sandler (295 words), Al Pacino (255), Denzel Washington (183), and Bradley Cooper (142).

Taking to Instagram to celebrate the news, Hill thanked director Scorsese for ‘pushing me over the edge’ and ‘the great Samuel L. Jackson’ for inspiration. While there isn’t a video collecting all of Hill’s outbursts, here’s a clip of all the F-bombs from Superbad that’s sure to put a smile on your dial.


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