Photo: Warren Smith

Jonah Hill: Guest Editor of Monster Children 68

You’re not gonna believe it—we got Jonah Hill to guest-edit the next print issue of Monster Children.

Really. Jonah frickin’ Hill. What the fuck is going on and what the fuck was he thinking? The dude is an Oscar nominee who can text Martin Scorsese if he wants—what’s he doing on Zoom calls with scum like us? Jonah Hill has guest-edited an issue of Monster Children, a magazine with an editor-in-chief who can’t spell ‘definatly’. We’re looking at Jonah’s issue right now. It’s not tangible yet. It’s just a bunch of InDesign files on a big computer screen waiting to go to the printers. But my god, it looks amazing, and you will not believe who’s in it. Jonah Hill? Yes! He’s in it! But there’s a bunch of other rad people and things, and if you want to get a copy before it lands at the newsstand and disappears three minutes later, fill out the thing below. Jonah Hill!


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