Join the Nationwide Climate Action Protests this Friday

This Friday, it’s time to take to the streets and demand climate action.

By now everyone should be aware of the catastrophic fires sweeping across Australia. Lives and homes lost, thousands displaced, half a billion animals dead, and there’s no clear end in sight. The environmental havoc that’s been wrecked on our country in the form of bushfires, droughts, cyclones and heatwaves are a direct result of decades of climate destruction from fossil fuels—and the science proves it.

This Friday across the country, thousands will turn out to: call for the sacking of our grossly ineffective (and that’s putting it kindly) prime minister, demand adequate funding for the firefighters and relief efforts, and rally against our government’s environmental policies, which benefit fossil fuel companies and ignore the urgent need to transition towards renewable energy. Scotty from marketing’s sneering mockery of climate change by bringing a lump of coal into parliament in the video below should tell you all you need to know about the government’s current stance on climate policy.

Whether you’ve been to countless protests before or this is your first time, make sure you get to the locations below this Friday to demand action—all of our futures depend on it. Above all, don’t forget to donate: Red Cross, Wires, and the RFS are good places to start, but make sure to do your research.

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