John Malkovich Plays David Lynch’s Characters

John Malkovich is one twisted chameleon.

Don’t get us wrong, Playing Lynch is the great kind of bizarre. But truth be told, you can’t be a stranger to the dark Lynchian world of filmmaking or it probably isn’t going to make all that much sense. But, if you’ve seen some or all of his films, then seeing one of acting’s greatest, John Malkovich, play some of David Lynch’s most twisted characters is right up your alley.

Getting butt naked on an album cover and starring in a movie that will be put in a safe until it’s released in 100 years time (no shit) is the kind of thing Malkovich does, which makes it unsurprising that he has taken on seven Lynch characters, and Lynch himself, for this project. Whether “Blue Velvet,” “Eraserhead” or “Twin Peaks” is your thing, the website Playing Lynch has got it. All donations to the website will go towards Lynch’s own David Lynch Foundation, a provider of transcendental meditation to those suffering from trauma or stress.

A personal favourite? Log Lady. I got lost in a deranged woman’s stare as she caressed a piece of wood. The man can act.

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