Joel Paxton Goes Surfing In ‘Chuffed’

Joel Paxton, like any sponsored surfer, surfs well.

The annoying thing, though, is that he’s one of those ever-prevalent people born in the 2000s, which makes us older folk feel shit about our abilities. And you want to know what makes it worse? Much of the above clip was filmed prior to him turning 20.

Joel’s turning 21 in a few weeks and Chuffed is his first semi-serious interweb clip. Filmed from 2018 onwards, with waves everywhere from West Oz, nude French beachies, to around home on the northern rivers of NSW. Kale Neville and Joel had been working on putting the footage together over the last few weeks, and in preparation for its release we had a chat with Joel about his diet, why he hates twin fins and his 2021 plans.

How you been? What are you up to?

 Just finished playing a game of golf.

How many over par… or under?

[laughs] I’m shithouse. I only just started. I’m not that good…

So, you just lost all your balls and threw them back on the fairway?

Pretty much.

Where are you, at home?

Yep, just at home in Byron. We were down at Iluka for a couple of days but the banks are pretty warped down there at the moment. Has a surf earlier out The Pass today actually, it was pretty fun there.

On a foamie?

Nah, I was on the twinny I’ve got.

Ahh, so you’re going down that path…

I actually really don’t like twin fins I can’t get my head around them. This one I was riding I’ve had for 10 years and it’s the only one I can ride. I couldn’t tell you why, if I could figure it out I’d probably be riding them more.

So, the new clip, how long have you been working on it?

It’s not really something I’ve been ‘working on’ it’s just me realising I’ve filmed for three years and never really seen any of it myself. I chased it up and Kale [Neville] put it together. It’s funny, Kale didn’t actually film any of it but he’s just moved to Byron. Usually, he films skating, but was psyched to get into surfing. Most of it was filmed by Wade Carroll, Mikey Mallalieu, Tom Jenno, and Dave Fox on water.

It’s sort of your first proper clip.

Yeah! I suppose so. Get the ball rolling and then maybe have another crack this year.

How’d you spend your 2020? When you weren’t in lockdown.

It was actually pretty good. Other than the lockdown in March I did a whole lot of camping and going down the coast surfing. It was mellow here. I had to work a bit which was pretty shit.

What are you doing for work?

I work at the Quikky store… but I just quit [laughs]. I’d had a gutty of it.

You still on the Quik team or you’ve called it all quits?

Yeah, still on! I got them to hook me up with a job, but now, yeah… not anymore.

What’re the plans for this year then? Are you planning to go massive after this clip?

I’ll be moving up to Wategos after this goes live I reckon. But really, Kale and I are going to hit the road and head to South Oz and West Oz if we can, see how long we can stay on the road for. Jobless and homeless.

No overseas plans?

I’ve just heard that 2021 is cancelled too.

Well, I think Australia is definitely cancelled for international travel.

In saying that, I’ve heard you can go to Indo with a business visa. It’s something like $700 initially and then $90 every month after that. It’s not too bad.

I think that loophole’s been used a bit by a bunch of American surfers like Kolohe and Griff.

Other countries have been going everywhere, I saw Eithan went to Tahiti and then Mex. Actually, Mex would be pretty easy to get into [laughs].

Guess the only downside of all this travel is thousands of people dying a day.

Right, they’re just let everyone out.

What have you been doing outside of surfing, other than golf?

Started fishing a little, camping down south, been trying to start four-wheel driving too. I’ve got a Landy, but I drove it through a creek the other day and I think I’ve kinda fucked it.

Are you still addicted to eating cereal?

I’ve actually been off the cereal for a while now. I’ve decided to hit up the $30 avocado and toast scene.

Ahhh, so you’re loaded!

I’m actually doing the home job. I drag one avo out through the week…

That’s dire.

…a bit of Wonder White. You get by, you can still tell people you have a nice avo on toast for brekky.

Real healthy by the sounds.

I’m just topping myself up with a pie now, actually, a few tins on top of that too. Weirdly enough, most of my partying probably happened during Covid. Everything was locked down but there was something happening every night [laughs].

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