Joe Exotic Got Nuthin’ On Troy Hurtubise

If you’ve watched 30-seconds of Netflix’s Tiger King, you’ll be well aware that wild animal conservationists are nuts.

Joe, that lady, the other guy, and all the hicks paying through the nose to see a tiger are completely insane. But this is no newsflash. Thanks to movies like 2005’s Grizzly Man and that other one with the penguins, we’ve known these people are bat-shit for a very long time. But have you ever heard of Troy Hurtubise?

I only heard about Troy the other day when a coworker sent me the below video (because that’s what coworkers do now—the watercooler is gone and we’re messaging videos and memes to each other). Watch the video and I’ll meet you on the other side to discuss who this crazy SOB is. Or was.

Nuts, right? How rad was his hair. That’s right, was. Troy Hurtubise is dead. He was killed in a car accident in 2018. He should’ve been killed by a bear. As a teenager, Hurtubise was attacked by a grizzly while wandering the woods in his native Ontario. He survived the encounter but became obsessed with bear conservation and the creation of a bear-proof suit for getting up close to the big hairy bastards. Besides developing countless iterations of his bear-proof ‘Ursus Suit’ (above), he also invented ‘Firepaste’, a flame and heat-resistant paste that dries like concrete; ‘Angle Light’, a device that purportedly makes walls, hands, stealth shielding, and other objects transparent (never proven to work); and ‘Trojan Armor’ a 2007 protective suit to be worn by the military.

For all his efforts, Troy was paid in mockery, as you will see in the below video starring jerk-offs Penn & Teller. Sadly, Troy’s successes were overshadowed by his eccentricities and, like Hedy Lamar before him, he never received the recognition he truly deserved. In 2010, after receiving no offers for his Trojan suit, Troy went bankrupt and had no choice but to sell the prototype on eBay. He continued his work in one way or another for the next eight years until his death.

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