Jesse Martinez: The Man Behind Venice Skatepark

For Jesse Martinez, the “baddest fucking dudes,” deserve the baddest fucking skatepark.

There’s no doubt about it. The legacy of the Z-Boys is still part of skateboarding to this day. Since skateboarding was backyard pools and handstanding, these spirit of these guys has been ever present. Venice beach was the place to be: creating pro upon pro and legend upon legend. Jesse Martinez is Venice Beach born and bred and when talking about his hometown and skateboarding, I think he summed it up quite perfectly when he said he just created the baddest skatepark for the “baddest fucking dudes.”

His dream of wanting to keep the Venice skateboarding brotherhood strong, begun when he started the 21 year journey to create the most radical skatepark in Venice Beach. In 2009, after pouring his heart, soul and all of his time into the park, he finally got his sweet, sweet victory. It was built. If you’re ever down at Venice Beach at the crack of dawn and see a rugged, tattooed man with a leaf blower, that’s him. For the frothing grommets of all ages, here’s his story. Watch and then go shred. Happy 2016 Go Skateboarding Day.

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