Jean Jullien x Ferndand Surfboards

I don’t know surfing, but I know what I like: cocaine. I also like this collab between illustrator Jean Jullien and Fernand Surfboards.

Surfing has a well-earned reputation for taking itself a little too bloody seriously, if you ask me, which is why these hand-painted boards are so refreshing. Imagine paddling out to Captain Serious-balls on one of these sardines and saying, ‘Greetings, fellow surfboarder!’ and then dropping in on him. Delicious.

Now, you’d more than likely know Jean Jullien from Instagram, but you might not know of Fernand Surfboards; here’s what I know: Fernand was launched by French shaper Geoffray Sipoir in 2015. Sipoir began shaping in the early 2000s under the tutelage of Alberto Galletti (RT Surfboards). Fernand boards are sold before the glass has had a chance to dry. Geoffray Sipoir does not endorse dropping in on Captain Serious-balls.

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