Jai Glindeman Joins the Globe Team

Today, October 8, 2021, Jai Glindeman was officially welcomed to the Globe Surf Team.

‘You just don’t see kids his age surf with that much style,’ said team manager Beren Hall, ‘especially in heavy waves like Cloudbreak. Filming for Pup was actually the first time Jai had surfed big barrelling lefts—which honestly blew my mind.’

Testimony doesn’t get much better than that. Jai is the latest addition to the Globe team, following the signing of Shaun Manners earlier this year. The release of breakout surf video Pup in late 2019 cemented his status as one of the sickest and most rippingest young surfers in the Australian scene.

Check the video above to see what Jai has banked so far for his ‘Welcome to Globe’ edit, and watch this space for the long version when it drops.

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