Jack White Buys Busker New Guitar

An Edinburgh busker’s guitar was smashed up by a crazy lady so Jack White bought him a new one.

Matt Grant was minding his own business, probably playing Cat Steven’s ‘Father & Son’ for the eighth time that day, when some mental Scottish lady yelled at up and busted his guitar up on Edinburgh’s Princes Street Monday. Only owning the one guitar, Grant was very sad, and he so he set up a GoFundMe page explaining what had happened and asking any and all if they could spare a buck (quid?) or two to help him get a new guitar.

The GoFundMe response was nothing short of miraculous, and within a couple of days, £4000 was raised and the relieved Mr Grant headed down to his local guitar shop, Guitar Guitar, to purchase a replacement. When he got there, though, the store manager told him that Jack White of The White Stripes had somehow caught wind of Grant’s predicament and contacted the store to arrange for him to score a new guitar. ‘But I don’t need a new guitar,’ Grant said, probably, ‘The general public has donated £4000 so I can buy a new one!’ ‘Shut up, dummy,’ the store manager might’ve said, ‘you’re getting two new guitars!’ So, Jack bought Grant a brand new Stratocaster, GoFundMe a new acoustic guitar, and he probably spent the change on Cola Cubes, Soor Plooms and Chocolate Cigarettes because that’s what Scottish people eat.

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