It’s All Just Wishful Thinking Anyways

Kristen Liu-Wong and Luke Pelletier rocked up to our LA-based gallery this past Sunday to install our next in-residence show with Pabst Blue Ribbon and 1700 Naud, Wishful Thinking.

Drawing inspiration from the from high appraisals and hidden gems on Antiques Road Show, the pair have been collaborating together on pieces that, one day, will also be worth millions and trillions and billions of dollars… ah, Wishful Thinking.

Liu-Wong and Pelletier have mixed gore with pastels and bright neon hues, in what we like to think of as a visual contradiction… nothing says ‘wait a minute’ like death fights in cute colours. Appointments for the show are all booked up, but you can check out the 3D virtual show below. If you fancy any pieces, you can purchase them by visiting the Superchief Gallery here.

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