An Italian Nonna Is Doing Virtual Pasta Making Classes

If I have to eat one more Barilla rigatoni pasta noodle, I’m going to lose it.

Thanks to Australians buying up enough food supplies to live in a bomb shelter for the next three years and leaving nothing for everyone else, the pasta aisle has run dry, along with my passion for those long strands of carbohydrates I love so much.

Imagine my joy then, to discover Nonna Live, a live stream cooking class brought to you all the way from Rome. The virtual cooking class is hosted by both 88-year-old Nonna Nerina and her granddaughter Chiara, and teaches you how to make real Italian pasta the old-fashioned way: from scratch.

Nonna on the tools

In non-pandemic circumstances, the Italian grandma hosts in-person cooking classes called Handmade Pasta With Grandma in Palombara Sabina, Italy. With the help of her granddaughter, Nonna Nerina has moved her classes online, and for $50 you can learn how to make a laundry list of delicious dishes from scratch, and tell that box of rigatoni to beat it.

Here’s how it works: you head to Nonna Live, pick a time and date that suits you, and pay for the class online. They’ll then send you a shopping list for the ingredients (mostly staples, apparently), and a suggestion of wine that will pair nicely with the menu, and you’re off. You’ll make dishes like ravioli with butter sage sauce, pesto gnocchi, fettuccine, cannelloni, and lasagne—all recipes which have been in the family for over 100 years.

To polish up your cooking skills and support Nonna in a time of need, head to and book into a class.

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