Issue #47 Launch – New York

monster-children-issue-47-new-york-launchjapan-22Photography by Zach Lewis

The Issue 47 launch at Lucy’s in NYC was bananas. I was there. In fact I was the guy who put the magazines and Huf swag into the tote bags we gave away. Me. The editor. I tried to get Austyn to help me, but he had this thing called ‘dignity’ that he was busy with, so I had to manage it alone. Anyways, it was an awesome night and everyone got drunk and had a great time–especially the spotty little fucker who relieved about five tote bags of their weed socks (I will find you.) Thank you to everyone who came through, and a special thanks to our buddies at Huf. Also, I gotta give an extra-extra-extra-special thanks to Lucy for allowing more than double the legal amount of people come party their dicks off at her bar. You’re a hulluva lady. X






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