2014 was a huge year for Monster Children so we had to make sure the last issue of 2014 was a good one.

We put Darryl Angel and Nick Boserio on an Amtrak train journey from Seattle to San Diego, hunting out spots and eating fireside beans right out of the can. Photographer Andrew Peters and Director Riley Blakeway were along for the ride resulting in ten pages of behind the scenes action as well as Blakeway’s film that was just made a Vimeo Staff Pick.

VC Johnson – the man who created some of the most awe-inspiring skate graphics at the dawn of modern skateboarding was interviewed by Mike Giant, yes Mike Giant ’cause that’s the kind of magazine we are; we coax legends like Mike and VCJ into the same room and record it for you, well to be honest, unit sales. If you’d like to know more about the lime and times of Mr Johnson you can watch a video of him and mike exchanging jazz cigarettes and recipes for lentil-based hippie dishes.

We spoke to graphic designer and psychedelic advocate Leif Podjhasky whose is responsible for some of the best album covers in recent years including Tame Impala, The Horrors, Santigold and Foals. We spoke to him about art, drugs, bongo drums and how cheese gives you nightmares.

Kate Williams schools us in a brief history of the Los Angeles selfie and introduces us to ten photographers currently snapping away at all the good, bad and beautiful the city has to offer.

Photographer Kristina Patterson’s new book Different Breed shows us the skate world like you haven’t seen it before, plus all the usual departments you love, featuring Mat Arney, The Bots, Coooooool, Cody Gobel,  Mat Sav and Ben Briand.

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