Is ‘High Maintenance’ The Most Slept-On TV Show Ever?

When I was in primary school, there was a boy we nicknamed ‘BTN’.

His name was Neil Wheelhouse, but we called him BTN because he was always Behind The News. ‘Hey, guys,’ he’d say, ‘have you heard about that new movie, E.T.?’ We’d all roll our eyes and say, ‘Yes, BTN, it came out six weeks ago and two of us are currently wearing E.T. t-shirts.’ Even the teachers called him BTN—that’s how bad he was. But now I feel BTN because I just discovered the HBO series High Maintenance. 

High Maintenance is, without a doubt, the best TV show I have ever seen in my life, and I feel really, really uncool writing about it because it’s in its fourth season now and, I mean, how BTN can someone be? But it seems like a lot of people have never seen High Maintenance, and I guess that’s because not everyone has HBO (least of all people outside of the U.S.). High Maintenance follows The Guy, a cannabis courier delivering pot, edibles, vapes, etc to clients around New York City. Each episode focuses on different characters as their lives intersect with The Guy, and it is brilliant. It’s the most accurate depiction of life in NYC you’ll ever see, and the stories are diverse and original and you’re gonna love it. I watched it on Google Play, but it looks like it’s also available on Binge. The trailer for season 2 below really does not do the show justice. None of the season trailers do. You gotta watch it. Just watch it. Trust me—watch it.


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