Intêrstate Magazine Returns With Their Fourth Issue

Covid might’ve jammed the printing press for a bit, but Intêrstate Magazine is back and better than ever.

The independent mag has pieced together their fourth issue with photography from Barcelona, Copenhagen and Panama, and all shot on film. Featuring an international mix of skaters that includes Victor Cascarigny, Maxi Schaible, Dani Quintero, Sean Hover, Pol Catena, Justice Kellenberger, Gustav Tønnesen, Cristian Bravo, and Josué Watts, the 80-page mag comes from the creative minds of Rafael González and Constantino Carneiro (the former of which you’ve probably seen featured in the pages of our own magazine).

As you’d guess from the B&W film purists, they live by the quality over quantity credo, printing only 200 copies of each magazine. That means you got a one in 200 chance of picking up the limited-edition mag printed with love in Madrid—odds that are vastly improved by this pre-order link they’ve sent us right here. What are you waiting for?

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