In the Crowd at FYF

When is the last time you had a really good cry? The last time you were brought to tears by a story, an image, or a song?

We all have that friend who announces, almost boastfully, that they weep during ASPCA commercials about caged puppies or that they were overcome with emotion whilst watching Battlestar Galactica on DVD. If that same friend tells you that they cried at last weekend’s FYF, it’s probably not an embellishment. Never in my life have I seen so many people wiping away tears at a music festival than during Bjork’s set on Friday night at the main stage. You could look in any given direction and notice someone overcome by the music, eyes brimming, teardrops shimmering. With every shrill “Thank you!” she offered, the crowd erupted with laughter. Bjork, with her firework finale, was just one of many incredible performances from this year’s lineup at Exposition Park.

Frank Ocean
Erykah Badu
A Tribe Called Quest

Highly anticipated, Frank Ocean won over the crowd in a deep and authentic way, crouching on one knee to play a keyboard that was placed at his feet. He then re-played the entire track, ‘Good Guy’, laughing and apologizing that the first go wasn’t quite right. He thanked a fan for complimenting his shoes. He displayed Trayvon Martin’s name on the teleprompter for the audience to sing loudly. Anyone who wasn’t already madly in love with Frank must be now. The crowd was completely enchanted, with the only distraction being a bizarre cameo by Brad Pitt who perched on the stage holding an iPhone to his ear. You can’t make this shit up…unless you’re Frank Ocean.

Thee Oh Sees
Angel Olsen
King Krule

Over three days and six stages, Iggy Pop, Erykah Badu, Mac DeMarco, Missy Elliot, NIN, The faint, MGMT, The Drums, Solange, Julia Jacklin and Ty Segal brought their various brands of sound and steez to Exposition Park in LA. The diversity of the lineup was reflected in FYF’s audience, too. The open and outgoing crowd served as a sharp contrast to the faces we’ve grown accustomed to seeing day-in-day-out in mainstream American media, and an air of unbiased love was well repped across booths, tee shirts, and setlists all weekend long. If only the weekend didn’t have to end, then we wouldn’t have to face this bewildering reality that has become our lives. Kidding! I just flew to Mexico. F yeah!

Frank Ocean



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