Imperfects Presents: The Human Experience with Scotty Stopnik

There seems to be something simmering in the underbelly of our subculture.

Call it a craving, if you will. A desire felt by perhaps each generation to become something greater than what stood before them. 


However, this craving is different. Bigger is suddenly not always better. But that which drives connection has us reevaluating how we spend our lives and our energy. This appreciation for the craft, for building off generations that came before us, and for utilizing our time to leave a legacy behind us through meaningful practices and quality is exactly what’s behind Imperfects’ latest video with Scotty Stopnik. 


The Human Experience is a short film on the life and legacy of Scotty Stopnik. Imperfects, a San Diego based concept, is a brand that’s handcrafting more than just surf, skate, and apparel. They craft pieces with a story, which is embodied in much of Stopnik’s life and his own craft, building motorcycles. Taking these tools of craftsmanship and generating them into something new with his own stamp of approval is what fuels the next creation.


Imperfects was originally a mantra, drummed up to inspire self acceptance and remind us that creation comes from imperfection, or the unique energy within each of us. The Human Experience is released at a fitting time when the essence of how we spend our time and why has never mattered now more than ever. Get your hands dirty, learn from folks old and new, get your head out of the sand and start building what’s yours. Time is fleeting so instead of not giving a fuck, we can learn something from the likes of Imperfects and what it means to be part of this whole human experience. Go out and get yours.

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