Iggy Pop Becomes Human PB Sandwich in Gimme Danger Trailer

Iggy was an absolute animal and this teaser proves it.

We’ve been waiting forever for this one. Jim Jarmusch’s Gimmer Danger trailer has just been released and it looks set to be an absolute belter. The trailer confirms all that we already knew—the sinewy, often naked frontman was never not the centre of attention. When it came to a show, Iggy always delivered. Except for when he didn’t want to, like that concert of theirs where he refused to sing—arguably a necessity for a band’s frontman. If nothing else, this short trailer shows that the spotlight will be forever and always trained on the psychotic and mesmerising Iggy Pop.

The Stooges were there as a canvas for his antics, as seen when one of the band says, “In forty minutes the drummer would never look up and the other two might move a foot or two.” We hope that the film is what we want it to be—a music, art and drug-fuelled hurtle into an abyss of anarchy, lead by the psychotically prancing Iggy and his Stooges. And if it’s not, at least we’ve seen some footage of Iggy smearing himself in peanut as he’s hoisted up by adoring fans.

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