Photo by Amber Chavez

HYPERFOCUS: MC’s Productivity Mix

Scientists have been studying the effects of music on cognitive function for decades.

So, what do they know? Well, surprisingly not as much as you’d think. From the Mozart effect theory (whereby scientists believed listening to Mozart would improve performance on mental tasks) to video game soundtracks for increased alertness, there’s not much that science can seem to definitively agree on.

One thing we did learn from a research project out of Curtin University last year, was that they were onto something with the whole Mozart thing back in the 90s. ‘Slow instrumental music with a non-resolving melody and high-density composition’ had the most positive effects on enhancing concentration and cognitive processing for the test group of university students—meaning it’s time to pause Black Sabbath, and stimulate that big ol’ hippocampus of yours with our purpose-built playlist, HYPERFOCUS, below.

Give it a listen on Spotify here.

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