Hungover? This Film Will Make You Feel Instantly Better

Did you get a little excited over the weekend?

And by excited, I mean did you drink beers followed by a few rounds of Queensland diesel, washed down with a Slippery Nipple and a couple of reds? Because if you did, short film How It Feels to Be Hungover will make you feel instantly seen—but maybe a little sick, too.

In this genius short from filmmaker Viktor Hertz, a man has been checked into a hangover clinic for adults. After being told to drink some water and eat his breakfast (cold pizza), the doctor comes to deliver him the bad news: he was drinking until 6 am, and he’s made some bad choices. Bad choices that include a dick pic with no response, a progressively intoxicated run of posts on Instagram, and a receipt for 12 cheeseburgers. This film is hilarious in its simplicity; despite being prescribed ice cream and ‘two action comedies,’ the man spirals into a full-blown anxiety attack, tended to by nurses with loud music and a succession of hugs in lieu of CPR. Hit play above, but if your weekend’s choices have you still feeling a little fragile… maybe tap out before 8 minutes and 50 seconds in.

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