HUF Introduces Smashing Pumpkins Collab

HUF has released a ton of amazing collabs over the years, but this might take the cake.

Selling over 11 million copies since its release 25 years ago, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness remains The Smashing Pumpkins’ most commercially successful album. It’s also one of our favorite albums of the 90s (and all-time), with bangers like “1979”, “Tonight, Tonight”, “Zero” and “Bullet with Butterfly Wings.”

Consisting of multiple tees, button ups, hoodies, and even a limited-edition skate deck, the HUF x The Smashing Pumpkins collection pays tribute to the Mellon Collie album, pulling inspiration from some of SP’s most influential work throughout the 90s.

Peep the lookbook below and shop the collection here.

This one is gonna sell out fast. Get in while you can here.

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