Photo by Mike O'Meally

HUF Are Taking It Back To Where It All Began

HUF are taking it back to where it all began: San Francisco.

In 2002, the late, great Keith Hufnagel opened up the first-ever HUF boutique on an offbeat block in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district. Selling all the coolest, rarest sneakers and streetwear, it quickly became the got-spot for skaters, sneakerheads, artists, musicians and creatives. Things grew quickly, and Keith would go on to open three more stores in the city, before expanding to LA, New York, Japan and beyond.

Photo by Mike O’Meally

‘He was just a natural who looked really solid on a skateboard, then he brought the East Coast to California and showed the West Coast what was up,’ Gino Iannucci recalled to Robert Brink in a Huf memorial piece for Monster Children Issue #67. ‘That was an important thing, especially back in the day. He was a New Yorker in San Francisco.’

Now, almost 20 years later, the crew at HUF are taking it back to SF with the announcement of a new store opening in the city on August 7th. Announcing the new spot on July 29th, HUF were still tight-lipped on what to expect, but we do know it’ll be popping up on 968 Valencia Street and if you’re in town, you should definitely drop by. Keep an eye on HUF’s Instagram for more info.


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