How You Can Help ‘Koori Mail’ Rebuild After the Floods

Koori Mail is arguably the most important voice for Indigenous Australia in mainstream media today.

Established over 30 years ago, the national newspaper is in charge of the tireless (and often times, thankless) task of reporting on the issues that matter to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Well, there’s no better time to show your thanks than right now.

Koori Mail was affected by the Lismore 2022 floods in February when the water reached a record height of 14.5m and flooded the first floor of their offices, completely destroying the interior and requiring a rebuild for the entire floor. Rather than get to work fundraising for themselves, however, the Koori Mail staff got straight to work raising money for the local Lismore community and beyond—and raise money they did, collecting almost $1.4 million in order to feed, rescue, and rebuild their community, while their offices were left rotting and in desperate need of some TLC.

Without the monumental efforts of the Koori Mail, there would be a whole lot more people suffering in the Bundjalung community, and while their relief efforts are still very much ongoing (you can donate to the active Gofundme here), they’re now looking to get the cogs turning at Koori Mail HQ once more, and here’s how you can be apart of it.

By donating to Koori Mail’s office rebuild fund, you’ll be supporting the voices of Indigenous Australia and backing an independent publisher that has been sharing the stories of First Nations people for over three decades. They’re staunchly independent, which means that without government funding, they rely on community relief via the work of volunteers, donations from individuals, organisations and community fund-raising.


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Koori Mail’s building is still structurally sound, however, it has been completely destroyed and is in need of a rebuild to ensure Australia’s only independent Indigenous newspaper stays in circulation. This includes severe damage to the interior and exterior, and support to secure the remaining suites of the building to ensure the Koori Mail staff have adequate office space to continue full operations and production.

Support independent publishing, support a vital mouthpiece for Indigenous Australia, and support our friends doing it tough in the Northern Rivers region. If you’ve got some coin to spare, please donate it to a worthy cause right here.

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