How to Clean Your AirPods Without Throwing Up

Are you ready to be grossed out within an inch of your lunch?

Phone Fix Craft, a Dublin-based business that fixes smartphones, tablets and laptops, has released a how-to video about cleaning AirPods and it is absolutely the most revolting things you will ever see. No, it’s not as bad as this or this, but it’s still very gross. However, if you’ve noticed a drop in your headphone volume, it’s worth gagging through the video to find out why. Here’s a spoiler: it’s earwax, lots and lots of clumpy, honey-coloured earwax that came out of your revolting fucking head.

According to Julius Kaveckas, the electronic technician in the video, the earwax manages to make its way into the dual mesh screens inside each AirPod, thus reducing the sound quality. In the video, he gets right in there and swabs out all the bacon fat-looking gunk, clearing the holes in the mesh and returning the volume levels to normal. Sick bastard. Watch the video with a bucket.


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